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HRV no longer operates direct with customers in Australia. If you have any queries, please contact your installer in the first instance to act on our behalf.

For customers in Victoria, we have appointed an exclusive agent to manage filter changes, services and customer queries.

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Core Ventilation

The HRV Next Generation is one of the most popular ventilation systems in Australasia. Our exclusive nano-fibre filter technology provides the highest quality air for you and your family.

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Best thing we ever did. I used to squeegie every window in the house every morning which froze my poor little fingers. Then I could have my shower to warm up. We thought the HRV system would help with the condensation, but it exceeded our expectations and removed it entirely!  Friends come round and comment how warm our house is on a winters day - we have no heating on. Just awesome.


I am a 50 year old woman, and have all sorts of allergy problems within my family. I suffered with hayfever, and eczema for as long as I can remember, but then one day I was having breathing problems, and my chest was very sore, so I went to my doctor, and he sent me for a blood test for allergies. The result came back that I had asthma, which was sort of a surprise, but not so much.


My HRV has taken away  the condensation and dampness away from my home. Our house always has dry air inside, even when it is raining.  Our son who has asthma  aged, hasn't had a asthma attack since we had it installed. His constant running nose that he has in the winter months stops as soon as he comes inside.  This tells us the HRV really  works. We will never live in a house without one again.


Not only is my house drier and there is no mould anywhere now, but I don't have to dust anyway near as often as I used to and this is great news because I hate dusting. I only  'Dust when I must"!


Ever since the HRV  has been installed life is so much better,its great living in a fresh dry house & not getting sick,its made a hugh difference. Thanks HRV just marvellous.

  • Your HRV Next Generation ventilation system acts as the lungs of your home replacing the stale indoor air with fresh filtered air.
  • It takes drier and often warmer air from the roof space and filters it before distributing it evenly throughout your home.
  • The incoming air is purified through our world-leading nano-fibre filtration technology before it enters your home.
  • Through a process called positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air continually up to two to four times per hour. A drier environment makes heating and cooling your home more energy efficient. Ventilation also helps to reduce mould, damp, excess condensation and odours.
  • You have complete control over the process with our intelligent keypad.

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