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HRV no longer operates direct with customers in Australia. If you have any queries, please contact your installer in the first instance to act on our behalf.

For customers in Victoria, we have appointed an exclusive agent to manage filter changes, services and customer queries.

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Summer Kit Upgrade

The SummerKit adds a whole other dimension to your existing HRV core ventilation system. A perfect solution for customers who already have an HRV ventilation system, it brings cool air in from the south side of your home, filters it, then distributes it throughout your home to get rid of hot, sticky air. For warm, muggy climates, a SummerKit is a very valuable addition.

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We got an HRV system put in about this time last year, the condensation was really bad. From within hours of it being installed we have not seen any condensation since. Truely it has done everything they said it would doand in the summer, the house was lovely and cool. We love it!


We had an HRV installed two years ago and I still can't believe how great this works.  In winter no condensation on windows, no mould anywhere.  Best of all my daughter's bronchial asthma has gone.  We use less energy to heat the whole house as it is warmer inside.  In the summer it is cooler inside,easy to sleep, no headaches from stuffy bedrooms.  I wouldn't live in a home without one now.


We've had our HRV for approximately four years and can't believe the difference in our home. After a few months, I realised that my backside was warm on the chair and that was because the chair was totally dry. Also, we get fewer colds and flus and more sleep on hot summer nights as the cold air gets pushed down. It's also great not having to deal with mould on the wooden window frames.


Our HRV system has meant no soggy curtains, and no chest infections - kids are  much healthier throughout the winter.  Also lovely and cool in the summer!

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  • On hot summer days, your HRV core ventilation system can’t cool you directly from your roof space, as it’s hotter than the rest of the house. 
  • The HRV SummerKit is an upgrade to our core ventilation system that’s ducted directly under the eave on the southern side of your home.
  • Because it’s located on the coolest, shadiest side of the home, the SummerKit bypasses the roof space and brings the cool air directly into your home, filtering it on the way. 
  • This increases your hours of ventilation, with more air changes to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer days.

To upgrade to a Summer Kit you need to already have one of our HRV core ventilation systems.